EDIT 705 Team Project Artifacts

Collaboration allows teachers to capture each other’s fund of collective intelligence.

Mike Schmoker

EDIT 705 Team Project – Designing A Training Program

The team project for EDIT 705, Instructional Design, involved developing five different documents as the course progressed. The five documents are presented on this page.

This was very much a team effort, and the three of us each brought valuable skills and insights into this project. My two team-mates also supported me during a serious family crisis, then in turn two of us supported the third member during their family crisis. This project helped me gain an appreciation for teamwork as a group of people working together equally, as opposed to my former military model of hierarchical team structures.

Final Course Write-up

Our team’s final project paper, describing the overall project and presenting our working documents such as formative assessment instruments.

EDIT 705 Final Course Write-up
EDIT 705 Final Course Write-up
Post-Training Module Assessment
Post-Training Module Assessment

Post-Module Assessment

This describes our course assessment strategy and contains assessment documents.

VA Benefits: Education Module Sample Instructional Aid

This document contains materials needed by the instructor to conduct the course.

Instructor Guide Benefits Scenarios
Instructor Guide Benefits Scenarios
EDIT 705 Instructor Guide Video Presentations
Instructor Guide Video Presentations

Instructor’s Video Use Guide

Our team mocked-up video clips of transitioning service members describing scenarios focused around different Veteran Administration (VA) benefits. This guide provided information to the instructor on use of the videos.

Instructor Guide – Learner Scenario Handouts

This guide is intended for use by instructors in guiding the students in thinking through how they can best use their benefits.

Thinking Through Your Benefits - Instructor Guide
Thinking Through Your Benefits – Instructor Guide
EDIT 705 Student Handout Benefits Scenarios
Student Handout – Benefits Scenarios

Student Handout – Benefit Scenarios

This is a handout given to students as a companion to the video scenarios. Intended for the students to develop their post-military career goals.

Learner Handout – Action Plan

The course included providing learners with a plan-of-action for utilizing VA benefits in a way that supported their post-military career and family goals.

EDIT 705 Student Handout Benefits Plans
Student Handout Worksheet – Benefits Plans

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